Justifiably the region has been widely reputed for its Grenache-based wines for well over a century and many of these same vines still give grapes of extraordinary depth and concentration. The new wines of the Languedoc are founded on these old vines now in the hands of predominantly young and modern wine makers with the passion to produce high quality wines in three colors across a spectrum of price points.



Our Producers

Les Clos Perdus
Languedoc, Peyriac de Mer
Established by two friends Hugo Stewart and Paul Old at the turn of the millennia Hugo and Paul dreamed of bringing to life some of the old vine vineyards of the great south-west of France. Hugo the English farmer and Paul the Australian dancer founded Les Clos Perdus (the lost vineyards) with two main criteria – natural farming and old-vine material. In fact they are bio-dynamic and some of their vineyards date to 1902 with average vine age older than 50 years.

Domaine Sainte Croix
Fraïssé des Corbières
Hidden in the rugged limestone hills of the High Corbières, Domaine Sainte Croix is situated in the village of Fraissé des Corbières. Its 13 hectares is made up of many different terroirs, from small blocks of steel-blue limestone to sandy, gravelly clay shot with quartz crystals, to sheets of purple-green schist. The vineyards benefit from a strong mesoclimate where cooler maritime weather meets the heat and dryness of the interior. These influences give the wines a particularly strong identity with not only fine concentration but also elegance.