Domaine Sainte Croix

Near Fraïssé des Corbières. (pic. Euan McKay)

Domaine Sainte Croix
Fraïssé des Corbières

Hidden in the rugged limestone hills of the High Corbières, Domaine Sainte Croix is situated in the village of Fraissé des Corbières. Its 13 hectares is made up of many different terroirs, from small blocks of steel-blue limestone to sandy, gravelly clay shot with quartz crystals, to sheets of purple-green schist. The vineyards benefit from a strong mesoclimate where cooler maritime weather meets the heat and dryness of the interior. These influences give the wines a particularly strong identity with not only fine concentration but also elegance.

The small vineyard parcels are often bordered by age-old stone walls, fig, almond and wild cherry trees. Owners are the English husband and wife team, Jon and Elizabeth Bowen, who combine extensive experience in classic French stone ‘caves’ with giant, steel wineries in many parts of the new world. It was the hills of Corbières however where first sight of the unique geology and ‘climat’ that professional intuition made it clear that this is an area of enormous potential.


La Serre
A powerful full-bodied white, made from Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris. Fresh with beautiful terroir-driven complexity, the mineral and citrus structure effortlessly lifts the richness. Finishes with notes of spearmint, white peach and cashew.

La Fournas
Medium-bodied red from Grenache, Carignan and Syrah. Blackcurrant  and cherry character with a floral background, followed by loganberry and damson.  Supple and soft palate with a seductive freshness and cleanness of fruit. Concentrated  but approachable.

A seductive, powerful tribute to a great grape variety. Aromas  of clove and eucalyptus lightly laid over loganberry and red plum and cocoa.  Juicy wild cherry on the attack leading to layers of dark chocolate, smoky  allspice, cloves and mulberry. Concentrated and long and thrilling. Elegantly  framed by strong fine-grained tannins.

A Grenache-based blend allying freshness and florality  with power and richness. Blackcurrant, white cherry, blackberry with floral  background, complemented with spice notes. Dense and stylish fruit with a lifted  spice note on the finish.

Old vines Fraïssé des Corbières. (pic. Euan McKay)