2009 Burgundy
A very fine vintage which is in very high demand. If you are interested in sourcing some the finest Producers’ wines from Burgundy feel free to contact me via or 0418 177 591.


Outside a wine shop in Pommard (pic. Euan McKay)


Max Ferd Richter 2007 Kabinetts
Friday, 15 August 2008


The 2007 Richter’s – Classic dancing Mosel Kabinett’s
Riesling in its purest, most exciting and vibrant expression is encapsulated in this welcome return of classic Mosel Kabinetts. They are wines which literally dance in your mouth with mineral and crystal-like clarity. The balancing act is superb; crunchy fruit characters, lip-smacking acidity and mineral laden wines which are eminently glugable and very affordable.