Vincent Dauvissat


Mature Chablis, Vincent Dauvissat. (pic. Euan McKay)

Vincent Dauvissat
Wine Maker: Vincent Dauvissat

Probably the finest address in Chablis. Vincent Dauvissat uses oak sparingly to add complexity and dimension to his piercingly mineral concentrated wines. Some of barriques are 30+ years old.  They are wines which are rarely exotic in their youth, tight as drum in fact, but with age (and they age by gracfully by the decade) as they evolve and develop into exciting and comprehensive wines of the sophistication and interest.

These wines are difficult to procure; my allocation hasn’t changed in 17 years, but Vincent shruggs his shoulders knowingly as none of his export clients would ever give up a bottle of his beautiful wine.

Please contact me for an allocation.

Matchy flinty classic Chablis pebble and iodine notes, smells gorgeous and the palate mimicks the aromas with ripe white fruit mineral texture and lovely limpidity. Balanced textural fine and detailed.

Chablis 1er Cru ‘Sechet’
Quite floral, also aromas of white peach citrus and lime with hints of grapefruit and quince. The palate is ripe white fruits, terrific intensity and cut, fine and elegant, builds slowly.

Chablis 1er Cru ‘Foret’
Direct and nicely assertive with white fruits and mineral expression; the palate is nicely structured, taut with beautiful line and length. Crystal-like clarity from go to woe.

Chablis Grand Cru ‘Les Clos’
Incredibly complex nose of honey, acacia blossom, white fruits stoney complexity. The palate is so understated then returns with powerful elegance and fine detail, marvelous attack yet restrained. Mojo wine!


Chablis’ Kimmeridgian terroir. (pic. Euan McKay)