Domaine du Closel

Savennières, the highest incarnation of dry Chenin blanc, is a plateau of schist with steep slopes called coteaux which face the Loire with a surface covered by aeolian sands. Small valleys called Coulées run perpendicular to the Loire cut the plateau. Some of the best-known Coulee’s are Clos du Papillon, Coulee de Serrant and Caillardières. These Coulées each have a south-south west aspect which is an exceptional exposure for a vineyard that benefits from the highest amount of daylight and available heat. At Domaine du Closel they follow the principles of Natural Agriculture – producing certified organic wines with biodynamic practices (certified since 2015). The soil is the most important component in this type of agriculture and conveys to the wines their mystical complex aromas and savory taut structure and incredible length.

Savennières La Jalousie

Savennières Les Caillardières     95, Decanter 

Savennières Clos du Papillon     95, Decanter / 97Michael Apstein 

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