Northern Rhone

The Rhône is generally divided into two sub-regions with distinct vinicultural traditions, the Northern Rhône (referred to in French as Rhône septentrional) and the Southern Rhône (in French Rhône méridional). The northern sub-region produces red wines from the Syrah grape, sometimes blended with white wine grapes, and white wines from Viognier.


Panarama of the Rhone from Côte-Rôtie. (pic. Euan McKay)

Our Producers

Gilles Barge
Northern Rhone, Ampuis
Gilles Barge is a wonderfully earthy and authentic character. His Cote-Rotie’s display a firm structure with backbone, ripe spicy fruit which is backed with chewy round tannins. Given time, these features harmonise providing a wonderful perfume, velvety mouth-feel, layered earthy complexity and great persistence.


Gilles Barge's amazing funicular. (pic. Euan McKay)