Domaine Marc Colin

Marc Colin et Fils

Marc Colin bottles
The Domaine, in Saint-Aubin, was created in 1970 by Marc Colin and his wife Michèle. They began with some 6 hectares of vineyards that had been in the family for over a century and added some more along the journey. Today Marc’s three children run this 19 hectare Domaine concentrated in and around Saint‐Aubin and Chassagne‐Montrachet. Vineyards are farmed lutte raisonnée with some experimentation en culture biologique. Their wines distinctly represent their place with purity, harmony and complexity. They are flavorsome and multi-dimensional yet taut and precise as well as representing excellent value.

Bourgogne ‘La Combe’

Saint Aubin La Fontenotte

Saint Aubin La Fontenotte

Saint Aubin 1er ‘Les Combes’

Chassagne‐Montrachet Encégnières

Chassagne‐Montrachet 1er Cru Chenevottes

Corton‐Charlemagne, Grand Cru

le Montrachet, Grand Cru

“I have heaped praise upon Domaine Marc Colin in previous years. This is no different. Marc Colin is one of the best growers in the Côte de Beaune, perhaps to Saint Aubin what Jean‐Marc Roulot is to Meursault. And you can quote me on that.” Neal Martin


St Aubin (pic. Euan McKay)