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Recent Trip, May 2011

My annual visit to my Producers normally takes place in the northern hemisphere springtime. Not for the fine weather or the food or any one event but simply for the wine. The previous vintage has woken from its slumber in barrel and the vintage prior has recovered from its bottle-shock, so judging what I taste gives an accurate and informative picture. In France it is also an advantage to be known, and after 17 visits I have become very well known in France’s famous vinous regions.

For anyone who thinks this is easy work, think again. Try driving 5,999 kilometres in 3 weeks whilst checking in and out of hotels, keeping to time for appointments and speaking French, it’s hard work. But I love it and I love most things French, and a nation that fiercely protects its heritage as France does deserves respect. If you are interested in joining me on one my buying trips you are more than welcome. This is a brilliant opportunity to experience in depth tastings at the top Domaine’s and taking the short cut to the best Resto’s and Bistro’s. Send me an email!

The road to great wine. (pic. Euan McKay)

Driving the autoroutes in France is a pleasure; the quality of theses roads is enormously superior to Australian roads.

It makes for greater fuel and emissions efficiency, not to mention the higher degree of safety.

Not all buying trips accumulate this many k’s but it’s the only way to see all your Growers’ and discover what’s new, including the latest vintage.